Cafe Restaurant Santorini is located in Uruma City on Hamahiga Island.

Here, diners can enjoy a delicious cafe meal with a wide view of the Pacific Ocean and Heian Island.

A gentle ocean breeze wafts towards the terrace seats facing the ocean,

where customers can enjoy a relaxing meal or a drink of tea.

The owner who has visited every country in Europe and lived in Romania

opened the restaurant in 2013 with the hope

that customers can “enjoy the feeling of dining by the mediterranian sea without leaving Okinawa”.

The restaurant’s interior is quite relaxed,

filled with goods and accessories from Europe and comfortable background music.

Customers here travel far and wide for a taste of the owner’s Medditeranian and Romanian style cooking.

Perhaps the most popular dish on the menu is the “Hamahiga Lunch”

with a main dish of seafood saute made from local Okinawan sea bream,

creamy chestnut soup, home made bread and a choice of drink. This all natural,

chemical free bouillon based soup is boiled for over two days to give it a rich,

deep flavour that pairs exquisitelly with the home made bread.

The chef’s plates are colourful and filled with seasonal ingredients.

The red snapper is plump and its skin grilled to perfection, and the local Sea lettuce Sauce,

filled with the smell of Uruma City’s umami flavour enhances the dishes flavour to a whole new level.

The bright blue coffee cups were made by the Uruma City Ryukyu ceramics kiln “Otayaki.

” The restaurant’s fresh brewed coffee seems to taste even better

in these cups the colour of the Okinawan Sea.

There are several kinds of pottery wtih different tastes in the restaurant as well.

After a delicious mediterranian meal prepared with locally grown ingredients,

customers can head to the obvservatory at rear of the restaurant.

Apparently, it took the owner around a year to carefully build by hand.

The observatory is decorated with lush greenery,

and below the blue and green contrast of the Pacific Ocean unfurls before the eye.

Pets are allowed too, so go ahead and take your furry best friend with you on a breathtaking walk.

Come and enjoy the delicious food, beautiful scenery and european atmosphere.

Enjoy a Gentle Breeze While Eating Lunch at Hamahiga Island


Location / Uruma City Katsuren Beach243-1


Buisness Hours / 11:00 AM ~ 6:00

Holidays / Every Wednesday

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