Located around 50 minutes from Naha Airport in a quiet residential area of Tengan in Uruma,
Mana is an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring homemade food
by two Okinawan “anma” (“mothers” in the Okinawan dialect).

Lined up inside the shop are simple dishes made with heaps of seasonal vegetables.
This includes side dishes full of slices of dried daikon radishes,
hijiki brown sea vegetables, tofu, and other foods that are good for the body,
as well as typically over 10 types of homemade Okinawan food
such as taimo taro boiled in soy sauce and Okinawan-style tempura.

The food is prepared by shop owners Yasuko Kishimoto and Keiko Asato.
Kishimoto worked for many years as a nursery school teacher,
and she often interacted with mothers raising their children. After reaching retirement age,
she renovated her home into this shop
because she “hoped to give some clues to mothers about easy-to-make meals using local ingredients.”

“Although we can’t do anything extravagant, we can do home cooking,
” they say, and customers come to them from as far as Itoman in the south and Kunigami in the north.

Once of this shop’s most popular dishes is “Umukujiputturuu,
” a grilled dish containing dried potato starch, garlic chives,
and other ingredients. Though soft in texture, jiggling, fragrant,
and light, it fills the stomach right up. Many customers even order it for takeout.

The shop also offers sweets and dessert plates so that diners can relax and enjoy themselves after meals. Unlimited refills are available for coffee and tea beverages.

In addition to the healthy menu, its large tatami mat room is another
of the shop’s attractive features. With more pregnant women and parents
with children coming in lately, many customers ask about ingredients and cooking as they dine.
The sight of a beaming Kishimoto in an apron having a friendly chat
with diners leaves quite an impression.

“We’ll keep going as long as we can keep doing it here,
” smiles Kishimoto with a gentle air.
All of their meals have simple flavoring but allow the flavors
of the ingredients themselves to be fully enjoyed,
and all of them are good for both the body and soul.



“Mana – Healthy Lunch of Seasonal Vegetables,” Homemade Cooking by Okinawan Anma, Sought Out by Fans Throughout the Island


Address: 2F, 1404 Tengan, Uruma-shi, Okinawa, Japan



Closed/Wednesdays, Sundays, 3rd Saturday of the month


posted 2017,15,September