Located one hour from Naha Airport by car in the Tengan area of the city of Uruma,
this adorable shop surrounded by greenery can be comfortably visited even by those with children.

Inside the shop is a space enveloped in the warmth of trees.

This is the shop’s popular “Soup & Plate Lunch Set.” Diners choose one of two soup options,
either meat onion soup with cabbage or chicken curry soup.
On the plate, customers can have fried or sautéed fish, grated (râpées) or pickled seasonal vegetables,
light and fully homemade cake, enzyme drinks,
and other items that are wonderful for the body.

The salt used in all cooking here is harvested locally at Hamahiga and rich with minerals.
Another popular item is the shop’s original smoothie made using beegu (common rush),
a local specialty of Teruma in Uruma. Rich in minerals, iron,
dietary fiber, and folic acid, Beegu has received considerable attention as a “super food.”

When owner Shoko Taira opened this shop in Uruma,
where she was born and raised, she was in the midst of raising twin boys,
one of whom has a severe disability.
She was strongly motivated by a desire to create a place
where she “can work together with her son in the future.”


She wanted to create “a place where parents such as myself
who are struggling with raising children can gather,
” and as such the shop contains a handmade kids’ space and tatami mat room,
as well as a spacious garden in the back for the children to play in.
Today, the shop is bustling with mothers talking to one another and exchanging information.

Taira says that she was uneasy opening a shop while raising a child with a disability.
However, she says forcefully, “We have what we have today because I was not alone,
but drew on the support of my family, hometown friends, and other acquaintances.
” Like the plants in her garden, she is delicate, graceful, and full of gentleness.



“Plants Kissa GreenMama”: A comforting space full of smiles and greenery

Plants Kissa GreenMama

Address: 1681 Tengan, Uruma-shi, Okinawa, Japan



Closed: Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays


Posted 2017,22 September