Ruan + Shimairo is a “kakigori” (flavoured shaved ice) specialty shop

and Ceramics Gallery located in Uruma City’s Yonashiro Tobaru area.

After you cross the Kaichu Road,

pass Henza Island and enter Miyagi Island,

a cute signboard marking the store will appear to the left hand side.

Inside the spacious store is a work shop and gallery space

where ceramics artist Katsushi Shimabukuro exhibits pieces  for sale.

His work has a sea blue theme, and gives off a feeling of warmth that attracts many buyers.

The cute “kakigori” ice dish is another piece of Mr. Shimabukuro’s.



The shop owner Mr. Tsubasa Nishizawa is originally

from Chiba Prefecture fell in love with kakigori while working at Ishigaki Island,

and had wanted to open his own kakigori shop ever since.

He later moved to Kagoshima where he worked at a specialty store

for 3 years to learn the art of kakigori and became a crafstman who thinks,

breathes, and lives for his art. After years of hard work, the day he had waited years for came true,

and in May 2016 he opened his own shop on Miyagi Island.



Mr. Nishizawa puts a great amount of thought into choosing the ice he uses,

comparing the taste of ice made from several different companies.

The ice is perfectly seethrough, made from pristine water frozen over several hours.

This carefully prepared ice has absolutely no taste so the delicious flavours of Nishizawa’s home made syrup can shine.


The ice is shaved differently each day according to the weather

and temperature so that customers can enjoy this delicious treat any time.


In addition to his famous strawberry and mango syrup Mr. Nizhizawa’s  shop has over 20 different syrup flavours,

nearly all hand made. There are monthly specials as well,

such as Okinawa pinapple and peach syrup for the summer,

an acorn flavor in the fall and a syrup made with ginger for the winter season.

It’s enough to make you wish summer would hurry up and end!

These delicious syrups aren’t sugary sweet, but are bursting with natural flavour.

Although strawberrys and peaches go bad quickly in the Okinawan heat,

with these syrups you can still taste the real thing.

The store’s matcha tea is produced in Aichi Prefecture’s Nishio area,

and toppings made from local sugarcane such as wasanbon sugar and brown sugar.

It’s a menu filled with local flavours unique to Okinawa.

These mountains of shaved ice dripping in specialty syrup have a surprislingly soft texture.

Each bite dissolves instantly in your mouth, leaving a delicious fruity taste.

If it starts melting while you eat, you can just tip the cone backwards and drink it like a juice.

It’s a treat perfect for people who will try anything and eat everything.

The workshop has been in the shop since the very beginning.

Mr. Shimabukuro who has always wanted to serve customers food with his own dishes,

and Mr. Nishizawa who was a fan of Mr. Shimabukuro’s art, opened the store together.

The two had met one year earlier and immediately took to eachother,

deciding to open a shop with the name “Ruan + Shimairo”.

This shop and all of its products are a testimant to the collaboration of these two men.

“We’re a bit far from Naha, but I’m so grateful to those who come looking for our shop.
I truly hope that when customers visit Miyagi Island and see the blue ocean
and rolling fields of sugarcane they can learn about Okinawan culture,” says Mr. Nishikawa.
The shaved ice awaiting you under the hot mid-summer sun is a rare item filled with delicious flavours you can only taste here.
The only thing that tastes better than this treat is the happiness that fills you when you eat it.
So come along to Miyagi Island, where an unforgettable, one of a kind shaved ice awaits.


Shaved Ice You’ll Never Forget Ruan + Shimairo

Ruan + Shimairo

Location / Uruma City Yonashiro Tobaru428-2


Buisness Hours / 11:00~17:00(L.O. 16:30)

Holidays / Every Tuesday, Wednesday