Located in Uruma City’s Yonashiro Tenma area is Cafe Yukulele,

where customers can eat a delicious breakfast while they gaze at the ocean.

The cafe began serving breakfast with just one purpose: to provide customers fresh baked bread and a new view of the ocean,

whose scenery changes constantly throughout the day.

Their new breakfast menu includes a vegetable filled “morning plate” with an optional side of shellfish soup.

They also serve fluffy homemade bagels that make for a superbly delicious,

nutricious filled sandwhich when paired with fresh,

local grown vegetables, egg and bacon!

along with their home made fluffy bagels.

There’s also a selection of bread from the “Bread Tree” Bakery,

handmade in the same very same building.

With the goal to sell bread so delicious customers could eat it everyday,

the cafe has now expanded from bread made from locally grown Katsuren Mozuku Seaweed

and their beloved Walnut Bread to provide a wide variety of flavours.

Nowhere else will you find such a large variety of fresh just baked bread.

Inside the open interior of the shop, customers are greeted with a wide view of the ocean,

the Chukai Road and it’s various connected islands.

In the mornings the cafe is filled with regulars who come to drink delicious coffee

and mothers relaxing after sending their children off to school.

More recently, there are also several young women preparing for the start of their workday.

Drinks are served in pieces made by local Okinawan pottery artist Mr. Jissei Omine,

whose blue cups and saucers seem to expand before the eye like the endless ocean.

The coffee blends served here have also grown in number,

starting from their Ishigaki Island original blend to serve fresh ground

and brewed coffee beans taken from all over Japan.

The cafe has a cheery atmosphere, filled with smiles from both customers and workers.

In fact, many customers visit frequently for light conversation and considerate service.

The cafe’s name “Yukulele” comes from the Okinawan word “yukuru”

which means “to relax” or “a short rest” and the word “ukulele” to represent the staff’s determination to provide customers

with a relaxing experience (and of course, their love of ukuleles).

Next time you’re worn out from a busy day,

take a little detour to Cafe Yukulele for a meal made straight from the heart and relax in the open atmosphere.

Start Your Day with a Fantastic Breakfast and Beautiful Scenery

Cafe Yukulele

Location / Okinawa Prefecture Uruma City Yonashiro Teruma 1860-1


Buisness Hours / Morning 8:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM Lunch Time 11:00 ~ 3:00 PM Relaxation Time 3:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM (Last Order at 4:30 PM)

Home Page/http://cafeyukurere.ti-da.net/