Above a small hill in Uruma City’s Taba Area is the romantic cafe “Studio Cafe ROSSOxROSSO”,
whose beautiful night scenery and delicious sake is the toast of the town.



Amongst the cafe’s chique black and white interior are accents of ROSSO (red) for which the store is named.



There’s terrass seating as well, where customers can enjoy a cool breeze with their meals.
During this season, the night breezes are the perfect temperature.


Beer, Awamori sake, Japanese sake and cocktails are prepared during bar time.
Their most reccomended drink is “Ryu-gan (Dragons Eye)” sparkling wine.
It’s a slightly dry wine made from “dragon eye” grapes grown in Nagano Prefecture,
with a refreshing taste that pairs excellently with food.



Next is the cafe’s original cocktail the Ryukyu Matadore.
It’s a slightly strong drink made from Awamori sake and hirami lemon mixed with a tequila base,
so be careful not to drink too much. It’s a fun drink,
whose name is taken from the Spanish word
for “bullfighter” and served in a glass shaped like a bulls horn.






The food is wonderful too! Serving dishes like “Salmon Carpaccio,”
“Sauteed Iberian Pork with Yuzu Pepper Sauce,”
and “Tender Steak in a Red Wine Sauce,”
they have a line up that pairs perfectly with wine.
The dishes and wine are all seasonal, of course.


There’s even a DJ booth inside the cafe. During live performances,
the music booth is packed with customers!
The owner’s wife Ms. Kazue Nakamura is a popular radio personality in Okinawa,
and dreams of creating her own cafe radio show some day.
Her presence tending the bar gives the space a feeling of luxury.


The seats by the windows have a beautiful view of the moon and starlit sky.
Just looking at the nightime scenery will make you wonder if you’re still in Uruma City.
It took the owner five years to secure this location, and I’m so glad he did.



A Toast to Uruma with Beautiful Scenery and Fantastic Wine


Location / Uruma City Tabo955-1 (1F)

TElephone / 098-989-8511

Buisness Hours / 5:00 PM ~ 12:00 AM

Holidays / Every Monday (Open on holidays, closed the day after)